"We are encouraged to ask the right questions - to really understand the problem"

Gary Gillibrand, Maintenance Engineer - UK

Gary Gillibrand, Maintenance Engineer - UK

Engineering positions at Fint Group

At Flint Group, we believe science and engineering positions play a vital part in the technologies we rely on each and every day.

Flint Group has a multitude of different roles within our Engineering department. Depending on your position, you may hold responsibilities like process testing and ensuring process capabilities and yield targets are met, as well as executing root cause corrective action processes and developing and managing statistical process controls. Additionally, you may be responsible for leading and coaching a team of technicians and operators on the manufacturing floor.

Our Engineering team is highly skilled and focuses on continuous improvement efforts for quality, productivity and safety.

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Luciana - Engineering, Brazil

"What motivates me is to see that my work and my effort help to make the daily life of our workers easier, better and safer."

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