Employee Health key to good performance

Willstätt's Running club in action...

In 2015 Flint Group’s Willstätt site in Germany formed a Health Management Committee aimed at further improving and reinforcing Health Management at the site. Comprising Site Management, HR, Workers’ Council and SHE, the team was charged with identifying areas where improvements could be made, basing these on employee surveys and health risk analyses conducted in 2015/16.

Since then, many of the ideas generated by the team have been put in place, including coaching workshops within all of the many departments, a healthcare day for all employees in 2016, training to combat stress and the installation of a Flint-Fit-Room for all our employees that can be used after work or in breaks.

In addition, Willstätt now also operates different flexible working time models and lifetime accounts, to help ensure employees achieve a correct work-life balance. With these investments in our people, we invest also in our future.

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