Flint Group's Sustainability Statement

Flint Group’s approach to continuously improve sustainability is underpinned by our own Mission and Guiding Principles – a fundamental set of simple, clear values. 

Flint Group operates within the spirit of the UN Global Compact for sustainability.  Everyday our people and teams are committed to providing increased health, safety and wellbeing whilst a continuous improvement programme is in place to reduce our current environmental impact now and for future generations. An uncompromising integrity policy and strong ethical values set by our own Guiding Principles ensure that you can truly Rely on us for sustainable development…

This strategy enables Flint Group to deliver integrated solutions in the three key dimensions of corporate sustainability*:-

Economic...  guides corporate governance, code of conduct, risk and compliance.

Environment... steers our goal to continually reduce impact on the environment and regulates the reporting of progress with this.

Social... drives corporate citizenship, labour practices, people development, social reporting, talent attraction and retention.

* - As outlined within the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. (DJSI)

Sustainability Model

Flint Group's Sustainability Model combines three elements:

1. Flint Group's Mission and Guiding principles - our way to ensure to deliver on our commitments

2. The UN Global Compact

3. The reporting outline as defined by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index


1. Flint Group's Mission and Guiding Principles

The long established Mission and Guiding principles cover in 5 key areas the way of working in Flint Group:


This fundamental set of simple clear values allow us to align our activities internally within the spirit of the UN Global Compact while our external reporting methods detail the delivery of integrated long term economic, social and environmental solutions:

2. UN Global Compact

Anti Corruption, Labour,Human Rights, Environmental

3. Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Economic, Social, Environment

Flint Group's Sustainability Model...

Carbon Footprint

The alignment between Flint Group's Mission and Guiding principles, the UN Global Compact and the reporting process allows us to deliver on a number of key sustainability foundations:


Flint Group’s Key Sustainability Foundations... 

Rely on us - To operate and continuously improve on sustainably responsible business models.

Rely on us - To continuously look to improve on all aspects of our operations and processes.

Rely on us - To continuously build sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Learn more about how Flint Group's approach to Sustainability is underpinned by own mission and guiding principles...

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Reach Statement

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CLP Statement

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