The future of recycling is here

The future of recycling is here

Evolution Series

At Flint Group Narrow web we have developed a new
series of products that focus entirely on recycling and a sustainable future.
We call them Evolution. Because they allow the substrates
that they are used on, to be used again and
again and again – ever evolving in new forms.

Our first product is a deinking primer for shrink sleeve
printing. One that makes it possible to recycle the
sleeve label material at the same time as the bottle.
Evolution deinking primer is a revolutionary product
printed before the ink to keep strong adhesion through the life of the label,
then releases it in the recycling caustic wash. The result is more than 99%
of the material gets recycled into something new

Learn more about Evolution Deinking Primer by clicking on the brochure

The next Evolution series product is a varnish
that makes sure the inks remain on the label throughout the recycling process

Evolution Varnish is a specialized layer of clear coating that is applied to
the label after the colors are printed. The varnish has one job – and that is
to protect the ink all the way through the recycling process.
No bleeding. No abrading.
The protected ink remains on the label so it can be skimmed off with the
floating label to an alternate waste stream.