Print Centre / Centre for Technical Excellence

Flint Group Narrow Web has invested heavily in two centres where we offer testing and training resources to customers and co-suppliers on a global level. Our two CTEs (Centres for Technical Excellence) are located in Trelleborg, Sweden and Minnesota, USA.

Both CTEs are equipped with fully operational, state-of-the-art printing presses, combining various printing techniques and granting the ability to perform advanced testing of both inks and processes and reproduce real-life conditions.

The CTEs provide unique tools that enable us to work closely with suppliers in these fields, to continuously develop and design solutions that not only live up to the unique demands of today, but also drive the next generation of applications and to create entirely new business opportunities for our customers.

The CTE provides an opportunity to:

- Run tests on state-of-the-art Narrow Web presses

- Test new applications - without the need of capital expenditure

- Troubleshoot existing processes (saving you time and money)

- Participate in all levels of training with our free seminars


For more information about what we can offer at each CTE, please click below on the respective region.





Nilpeter Combination Printing Press M0-4 offers:

  • 5 stations combination FA and MO platform press with integrated servo technology from Nilpeter
  • 420mm wide
  • Max printing speed 175m/min
  • Possibility to run traditional UV(GEW E2C lamps) 120W/cm, LED(Phoseon firepower) 16 watt/cm2, 395nm, Nitrogen inertion, adjustable 0-350ppm (GEW), Hot Air (max 16Kw 90º C)
  • Unwind and rewind system (max diameter 1m; max weight 340kg)
  • Unsupported package with chill drums, allowing us to print substrates from 12µ to 120µ
  • Supported min width 210mm; unsupported min width 315mm
  • Core 76 mm, adapter to 150 mm available
  • Web enhancement (Corona treatment) with adjustable settings (10W-2000 W) for optimised treatment levels
  • Press Management Control (central)

Mark Andy Performance Series P-5 10' 8 Color Press:

Our new Mark Andy Performance Series P-5 10" 8 Color Press allows Flint Group to continue to provide outstanding technical support to the Tag & Label Market while increasing  our level of support into the Packaging and Shrink Film Markets through the flexibility, innovative design and advanced capabilities of the Performance Series Platform.  Having this state of the art Mark Andy Performance Series press in our facility allows us to develop products that meet current market needs through real situation testing with customers and co-suppliers as well as our supply chain vendors. Our press offers:

  • Multiple curing and drying capabilities include the latest in LED curing technology, conventional UV Hg curing and high impinged velocity drying for water-base
  • Substrate handling capability ranges from PS label to unsupported film to light carton
  • Tighter registration control with higher quality print and repeatable results
  • Multiple Stork Screen capabilities both cassette and rail mounted RSI options
  • Cold Foiling capabilities
  • 8 color printing to cover a large variety of printing options including 7 color gamut
  • Dual corona treatment options for treating both base films and laminates
  • Nitrogen Inert UV System to aid in UV ink technology development
  • Static elimination
  • Independently controlled chilling capabilities for LED lamps and chill rolls, chill rolls can be heated as well
  • Die cutting, sheeting, slitting and web turning capabilities
  • Pre-register and re-register functionality
  • Video Web Inspection and plate mounting