VIVO Colour Solutions - the “New Normal” in colour and press-side management

Consultancy, services and tools for colour and ink management, developed to achieve colour consistency, “Right First Time” printing and reduce overall “Total Cost of Print.”

We know that packaging colour and design consistency are paramount to building globally recognized brands.

We also have a fundamental understanding of the challenges both brands and printers have in tackling colour management across jobs, presses and sites. While colour management is absolutely about delivering the impact, consistency and reliability of print that brands are seeking, it’s also about driving important efficiency and sustainability into the print operation itself.

By delivering continuous improvement in colour management, printers by default are also eradicating waste, reducing lead times and meeting environmental impact objectives. Delivering right first-time production avoids unnecessary use of materials, minimizes energy and helpfully creates speed to market improving customer satisfaction: a win win for all key stakeholders.

The key to resolving the challenge is in having a comprehensive colour management programme that integrates with the overall packaging print workflow. At Flint Group Packaging, the VIVO Colour Solutions platform does exactly that!




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