The Best Value for Money in Platemaking Automation

Miller Graphics and Flint Group

14. May 2018

nyloflex® Automated Plate Processor


Trends in consumer spending, globalization, new technologies, environmental concerns, changing customer expectations and the state of the global economy affect the demand in printing. Being part of this dynamic industry, where customer, competitor and market demands change from a second to the next, raise lots of challenges. The biggest challenge Miller Graphics faces, is meeting the printing needs of their customers, by constantly helping them directly and indirectly to get new products on time on shelf. Moreover, they support them achieving brand consistency, giving process control, and project insights by suppling management information. 


In order to achieve process efficiency and increase production capacity Miller Graphics implemented in cooperation with Flint Groups Technical Service, a nyloflex® Automated Plate Processor (APP) for higher productivity in flexo plate making automation. The fully automated processing line combines washer, dryer and light finisher for a high level of standardization. As improvement of productivity and cost reduction plays an increasingly important role in the printing industry – automation is one way to achieve these targets. By abating process tolerances the nyloflex® APP enables Miller to improve plate and print quality, minimize waste and failure rates, as well as reducing mistakes, cut down costs, and claim rates.

"It was simply the best value for money. As well for the equipment itself as for the expected after sales support," said Marc Holthuizen, Group Marketing, Branding & Communication Director, Miller Graphics


“The installation of the nyloflex® Automated Plate Processor will help optimize the workflow by reducing the number of production steps, simplifying the process, and reducing operator errors, while having less rejections caused by damaged plates during processing,” Marc Holthuizen continues.

The high output and cleanliness of processed plates will support to fulfill the requirements of their customers, while Flint Groups customer support and after sales have their back.

"Serving customer needs according to the principles 'Better. Faster. Easier to use' is the highes priority of Flint Flexographic. I am delighted to see that we could help our long-lasting partner Miller Graphics achieving higher efficiency in their plate making by combining automated plate making technology with excellent plate quality resulting in highest performing printing plates," said Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Vice President Image Transfer Solutions.

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