Flexible Packaging Inks - Flexo Surface Printing

Flint Group Packaging Inks Europe offers a broad range of solvent-based ink systems for all packaging applications. The product package includes a variety of standard ink series as well as a wide range of individually formulated and designed specialities.
NitroBase WZ65 offers maximum colour strength and pigmentation to allow the usage of finest anilox roller and for enhanced mileage and productivity. Formulated using ingredients with high migration limits only and therefore is specifically recommended for food and pet-food packaging applications.
A nitrocellulose based ink system designed for high quality flexographic surface printing on a variety of films and applications such as carrier bags, deep freeze packaging, outdoor and shrink applications.

Nitrocellulose based ink system for surface printing on foil and specialised paper (beer labels).

A specialised, nicrocellulose based ink system for surface and lamination printing on a variety of films, providing very good rub, water and heat resistance properties.

A specialised ink system based on nitrocellulose, which is designed for high quality flexographic printing for special applications.
PVB based ink system for surface printing (and oPP lamination), especially recommended for use with coldseal and twist wrapper applications.
A range of CAP-based inks for gravure and flexographic printing. Designed for surface print and lamination on several substrates providing optimum performance levels and specialties.
The new generation of waterbased inks designed for printing on film.

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