Trusted Brands. Perfect Synergy.

Trusted Brands. Perfect Synergy.

Products and Support to Meet the Demands of Heatset Web Printing

Expectations of improved print efficiency, higher-quality images and lower-cost business models put pressure on heatset web print houses every day. Flint Group helps customers face each of these challenges. Whether you are printing high-end commercial, insert or directory jobs, the influence of recycled stock, new substrates, alkaline-based papers, high-speed presses and pressroom automation can make it tough to print quality on time and on budget.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality heatset inks, blankets and sleeves, fountain solutions, silicones, pressroom washes and cleaners, Flint Group is perfectly placed to help you effectively meet those challenges. In most of our production locations, the entire process chain from raw material to the finished product is housed under one roof, allowing us to maintain stringent quality and process control.

Fulfilling customer requirements

Along with a constantly high-quality product, excellent customer service is a priority at Flint Group. Highly skilled technicians help our customers optimise their printing process. As a highly competent partner for heatset printers, we continually develop our portfolio of products in industry-leading laboratories. We are able to offer the best possible product combination for maximum press revolutions and an extensive range of substrate qualities.

Innovative logistic concept

Furthermore, an important feature of our service is the VMI-concept (Vendor Managed Inventories), which avoids the use of expensive storage and order-handling systems. For example, our ink tankers with a capacity of up to 25t deliver directly into the tanks in the heatset printing plant - an economic, eco-friendly solution. The ink level in the tank is permanently monitored online and new ink is delivered automatically and in time by our tankers. Just one of the customer focused solutions Flint Group can offer the busy heatset printer!


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Heatset Product Guide

Download our product overview containing our complete portfolio for Heatset applications; ink, pressroom chemicals, blankets and sleeves.

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