Washes for Heatset


Optimized for Flint Group Ink FOGRA Neutral Mild Acid UV
Varn Ecolo-Clean 328  >200
Varn Ecolo-Wash 401 >200   UL

Varn Green Wash HS  >200
Varn HS Fast Wash Elettra  >200
Varn Natural Wash  >200
Varn Ecolo-Wash UV 185   UL  
Varn Ecolo-Clean 369 175   L  
Varn Hybrid Wash 625 167      
Varn Wash V-60  142    
Varn V-60 Plus  142    
Varn V-60 AIII  142    
Varn Wash V-324  142      
Varn UV Wash 580 Hybrid 142      
Varn Response 4453 142      
Varn VWM Wash  105      
Varn ABC Wash  104      
Varn Wash A-230  103    



UL = Ultra low: <10%
L = low: <30%

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Optimize your print runs with Flint Group's Arroweb heatset inks and dayGraphica blankets.

Meet your sustainability goals.
Many Varn® washes contain low or very low VOCs.



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