Bringing clean water to schoolchildren in India

Children from the Paladi Primary School, Lamdapura - India

The Paladi Primary School, which is located close to Flint Group’s facility in Lamdapura in the Indian state of Gujarat, plays a key role in helping the local community gain access to education. However, a lack of clean drinking water has affected pupils’ health for many years, leading to high rates of sickness and absenteeism.

In line with our commitment to support the communities where we live and work, Flint Group’s Lamdapura team quickly identified how it could take action to improve the school’s water supply. With the local authorities’ consent, the team developed, funded and installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant at the school to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from the water supply.

The RO plant is housed in a covered, purpose-built unit, providing an effective, long-term solution. It also features a fresh water storage tank to ensure uninterrupted water supply and a storage tank for waste water, which the school can use in the school grounds and gardens.

As the temperature in Gujarat can reach up to 48°C, the team also installed a cooler to keep the water at a drinkable temperature. We hope the children will enjoy their clean drinking water, stay healthy and benefit from their education.


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